About Emerson Living

James Emerson trained as a cabinet maker at the London College of Furniture. He graduated with a passion for the perfect finish and attention to detail. His contemporary style uses clean lines to create elegant spaces that work for the way you live. Now based in Bath, James has a small team of craftsmen to create the perfect space for you. We are proud to remain a small business. We focus on a personal approach to creating unique kitchen spaces for each of our clients.

Portrait of James Emerson, kitchen designer and cabinet maker

Master cabinet maker James Emerson

Emerson Living specialise in handmade kitchens that’s built bespoke to suit you. Modern living doesn’t confine itself to single function rooms – instead, the kitchen has become the heart of the home for everyone to gather, chat, cook, work and play! Therefore the kitchen space has expanded accordingly. For that reason you might need your kitchen to also work for kids’ homework, your laptop or craft, a toy zone or home storage area. We can make what you need, all harmonised into a coherent, functional yet beautiful space.

As well as beautiful kitchens we also hand-make all other interior furniture. Dressing rooms, wardrobes, libraries, home offices, AV cabinets and much more can be designed for your individual requirements.

Bright and airy kitchen living space, green sofa in foreground

An airy space with clever storage designed for a young family in London. See more images here.